Barracuda Sentinel leverages the intelligence from our machine learning platform to identify high-risk individuals within your organization. Once we've identified those individuals, we can tailor specialized training, including simulated phishing attacks, to test their security awareness and prevent damage from these targeted attacks.

Who’s most at-risk?

CFO and Finance

It’s no surprise that Finance departments are prime targets for phishing attacks. As the gatekeepers of funds, finance departments are often targeted by malicious actors, posing as the CEO or another senior executive, requesting an urgent wire transfer. Through social engineering and the implementation of techniques like typosquatting, attackers can easily fool finance departments into believing the requests are legitimate and require immediate response. 

HR and Legal

Whether in tax season or not, HR and Legal employees constantly face the threat of phishing attacks. Tax forms are required for each employee and contain a plethora of personal information including compensation, legal name, social security number, and home address. They are incredibly attractive targets for attackers who could leverage the findings to steal the identity of another person or use the data as “research” for more targeted attacks in the future.


In many organizations, IT and engineers have access to some of the most sensitive information in the company, including credentials, certificates, and access to source code and sensitive IP. Attackers often target this department with phishing attacks to obtain proprietary information, gain access to the corporate network, or share confidential information with competitors (for a fee). The IT and engineering departments also typically have access to large spending budgets for their projects via corporate cards, and often can authorize wire transfers, making them prime targets for spear phishing attacks.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants are often the puppet masters within an organization, working behind the scenes to handle everything from scheduling to facilitating important business meetings. They work closely with a wide-range of functions and are regularly granted access to credentials and personal information of senior executives to streamline processes. Given their need to move swiftly and manage multiple tasks at once, admins are prime targets for spear phishers, who can enter a corporate environment quickly by spoofing an email and asking for credentials.