How hackers are changing tactics to cash in on attacks

In the recent past, hackers viewed senior level executives as easy targets for stealing protected health information through phishing gambits. These leaders of organizations had access to any data they wanted in their organizations. But over time, CEOs, CFOs, HR leaders and other senior executives got wise or received training and became more aware of the phishing problem. 

Congress Chose Corporate Greed Over Your Privacy: What You Should Know

“It’s worth pointing out that ISPs are only one service provider that has the potential of selling customer data,” explains Asaf Cidon, VP of Content Security Services, Barracuda. “Many of us rely on services like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Linkedin, etc. which are not bound by these regulations, and in many cases they have much richer data on their users than the ISPs. In general, it’s really hard to achieve true anonymity as a consumer of the internet.”

Following These 6 Tips Will Help You Avoid a Macro Phishing Attack

Some of the cybersecurity threats small businesses face lurk in the emails employees open everyday. One of the most dangerous forms is called phishing, in which malicious viruses hide in otherwise innocent attachments.