Spear phishing is rapidly becoming the most devastating new cybersecurity threat. Countless organizations and individuals have fallen prey, sending wire transfers and sensitive customer and employee information to attackers impersonating their CEO, boss, or trusted colleague.

The FBI reports that spear phishing has cost organizations $5 billion (see report). Beyond the financial impact, these attacks can cause irreparable damage to your reputation and brand. Because the attacks are highly personalized—and typically contain no malicious attachments or links—existing security solutions fail to detect them.


Barracuda Sentinel combines three powerful layers of artificial intelligence technology, domain fraud visibility using DMARC authentication, and anti-fraud training, into a comprehensive solution that guards against these personalized attacks.

Barracuda Sentinel integrates with popular communications platforms, such as Office 365, to learn each organization’s unique communications patterns. This messaging intelligence allows us to identify anomalies and stop these attacks with zero impact on network performance.